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([personal profile] felicula Jun. 28th, 2010 08:42 pm)

For the second time, I had someone ask me what I do to ward my apartment. This makes me raise my eyebrows, since I did not actively set specific wards. Yet here are two very different individuals with distinct spiritual paths who have never met one another both stating that they needed a specific invitation in order to feel comfortable entering my space.

I did not "program" it that way. However, I did take measures to claim the space as mine. I censed the space. I concentrated on making my apartment a place of calm. I called on my patrons to protect it. I grounded myself, feeling the energy flow of the area and concentrating on allowing the energized calm of above, below, and around to permeate the space. I regularly offer candles to the ancestors, the nature spirits, and all the gods. On the Solstice, I went to each room and sounded my singing bowl, renewing the calm and drawing on the solar energies.

On the one hand, it's flattering to know that my energies are so potent. Yet, I am getting to a point where I want more humans around. I need to work toward making friends feel welcome in my space while still fostering a haven of calm.
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felicula: A dark image of a week-old tabby kitten sitting in the palm of my hand. (Default)

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