felicula: A dark image of a week-old tabby kitten sitting in the palm of my hand. (calm felicula)

Curiosity killed the cat

but satisfaction brought her back.

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Birthdate:Sep 3
Location:New York, United States of America
My Significant Other, [profile] mechanchaos, and I have an nine-year-old. I am a full-time parent with a son in fifth grade. I am occasionally a singer, a member of Ar nDriocht Fein, a Worship Associate at the First Universalist Church of Rochester, and a student. My imagination wanders freely. I enjoy the wonders that nature and life provide. Darkness fascinates me even as it awakens the superstitions of youth. I readily appreciate beauty in many of its forms, and hope that things I create can be considered beautiful as well... Though, I'd settle for memorable, at this point.

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Note to LJ Admin: In case of emergency, my first post is a private post with my name and contact information in it.

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80s music, adf, adirondacks, adrenaline, albert einstein, art, atoms, bdsm, beautiful houses, bisexual, books, bpal, brain sharing, buddhism, cathedral architecture, cats, celtic knotwork, celtic knotwork design, celtic music, ceramics, charcoal drawing, child-like curiosity, choral music, colors, continental, cooking, corsets, craftsmanship, creating, creativity, design, details, dragons, drawing, dreams, ebm, elegba, faces, fantasy novels, feelings of wonder, figure drawing, fine craftsmanship, flylady, focus, free speech, friends, gargoyles, gems and minerals, goth music, gothic aesthetics, gothic art, gothic sculpture, h.r. giger, hiking, historic architecture, historic clothing, historic furniture, honesty, integrity, intensity, intentional silliness, japan, japanese, japanese aesthetics, japanese cooking, japanese language, joy, karma, kisses, kittens, knives, lake ontario, leather, leatherwork, lonely beauty, love, masks, mcc, meditation, men, mining, modern dance, moon, motherhood, multitonal chant, music, mysticism, natural beauty, natural fabrics, nature, new age music, new york state, night, nuance, paganism, performance art, persistence, philosophy, photography, poly-curious, puns, quantum theory, randomness, reading, reincarnation, religions, religious art, renaissance sculpture, roller coasters, russian music, satisfaction, sculpting, sculpture, sensuality, sewing, sex, sexuality, shamanism, shiva, silliness, simple pleasures, simplicity, singing, spirituality, stars, storms, subtlety, sunrises, sunsets, sushi, swords, synthpop, taking walks, techno, theatre, theatrical movement, theories of everything, theosophy, travel, unified field theory, uniqueness, uu, vertex, women, wonder, wordplay, wow, york beach maine, zen

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