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([personal profile] felicula May. 7th, 2007 07:48 am)

Whatever I thought I would be coming home with last night, My cousin's bridal shower was this Sunday, so [livejournal.com profile] mechanchaos, Aidan, and I packed up the car and invaded my Mom's house for the weekend. I knew I'd be picking up some things that were my Dad's: his old coffee grinder (which I am more likely to use for herbs) and a bicycle. Yep, I now have a bicycle, for which I still need a helmet.

Then, my Mom pulled out a few of her old pairs of pants and asked me if I wanted to try them on. I did. They fit. Later on, my Mom told me that they were sizes 16 and even a pair that was size 14. I danced! At my highest weight, I think I was a size 28. Maybe bigger.

I ended up wearing a pair of them to my cousin's bridal shower. Just about everyone who knew me complemented me on my weight loss. Another cousin asked, "Where's the rest of you!?!" My ego grew something like 5 sizes for every size I'd lost.

The centerpieces at the shower fascinated me. They were 11" vases, with decorative glass marbles in the bottom, ribbon around the necks, and what looked like hydroponically growing plants on top. It took me some time to notice, but the water in each vase sported a betta fish. The effect was beautiful and unique.

Each place was set with a candy bar with a wrapper with the bridal shower information on it, a number penciled on the back. Mine was 6. There came a time when we were asked to check the numbers. Those with the number called would get to take home one of the centerpieces. My cousin called the number 6.

Of all the things I thought I'd be going home with, a new pet was not one of them. Yet, of all the guests at the party, I think I was one of the very few satisfied with what she received.

Back at home, I changed out the glass for surf-polished stones I already had. I changed the thin, poorly-matched, pastel-striped ribbon for a double layer of black and green ribbons. I got betta fish food, and prayed that the cats wouldn't destroy the plant to try to dip a paw in. For all my Mom and one of her sisters were joking about fish as if they were the cheap kiddo prizes in fairground games, I think this is one of the more beautiful arrangements I have seen.

I may not have thought I'd have a pet fish anytime soon. I'm enjoying it anyhow.

Now to come up with a name. :)
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