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([personal profile] felicula Jul. 6th, 2007 11:07 am)

While [livejournal.com profile] mechanchaos was off, we got up to Alexandria Bay in the Thousand Islands for a respite from normalcy. The only definite plan we had was a reserved room in an inexpensive motor lodge and a wish to visit Boldt Castle.

We took each day as it came, got to have a lot of fun and a lot of relaxation at the same time. I swear, that's what vacations ought to be. It had no strict itinerary to follow, no planning ourselves ragged.

On the way back, I got to clamber over the rocks, wade in the water, skip some stones, and schlurple some Bev's soft serve in Oswego. It's funny. I miss the college more for the people and the lake than for the school itself. Feeling the seaweed in between my toes was like coming home, but a home that has been left mostly empty of what made it meaningful to me. Ah well.

Someday, I'd love a boat. Maybe a home on the water somewhere.

Oh, and it's less than three weeks until I have my hysterectomy now. The big countdown has begun.

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***grins back*** We would've camped, but our tent is no longer waterproof. I need to either learn how to remedy that or get a new tent.

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ahh oswego

notice ho wmuch it's changed? it's weird.. when i last visited a year or so ago seeing the construction was just...odd.. :) but mostly, it's still about the same.

bev's.. lol.. i recall going there with jim an corey and a few others and waiting on line, watching this weird distortion and haze moving across the water. it seemed to get bigger and wider and closer until WHAM a massive windstorm slammed into the building and everyone there, then massive torrential rain.. was weird to see a storm bum rush us... and of course the moment we got back into the car to hide it stopped..lol

hopefully you didn't go back to the art building. that was the hardest thing for me, seeing it kinda empty, devoid of a lot of things, and just.. empty. seems like the newer faculty isn't as interested in keeping artwork of their own and fomer students around to see and inspire... oh well.

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Re: ahh oswego

***nodnods*** There's a building where a field used to be!

And and and... Lakeside is moving upward in a rather post-post-modern-institutional-architecture fashion...

We didn't go inside any of the buildings though. I'm kinda glad of that. I can imagine Tyler Hall wouldn't be the same without Prof. Fox. He was always adamant that student art should be everywhere. I think what I loved most about that school were my friends and the landscape. The lake was such a big part of my everyday life there, even when I felt distant from everybody.

Maybe I would've been more of a social animal if I'd had my Prozac back then... ;)

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***nods*** I even saw one on the rocks. They're out in droves more toward autumn.


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